In 2008, Bloodsuckers From Outer Space got a DVD release on the Shriek Show label. I came up with the idea of making the latest iteration of Rescue Girls, Rescue Girls on Cannibal Island. My approach would have been to gather ridiculous gore, action, horror, and nudie footage, which was in the public domain. I wrote a story for the film.  The final product was to be a combination of newly shot material cleverly combined with the free film clips. I was quickly informed that there was no way I could raise money and that it was not plausible for me to make another film. The result of that effort exists only as a preview trailer.

Now, Back to the Beginning

In the months between the end of principle photography and the completion of Bloodsuckers From Outer Space in 1984, I began work on what I planned to be my next two films. I had a serious flirtation with the production of Rescue Girls.


By early 1985, I had written the first draft of Dracula's Granddaughter. This project became my primary off and on obsession. I wrote many drafts and pursued opportunities for financing. The earliest serious offer turned out to be sourced from mob money. I chose not to go down that path.

Also in 1985, I wrote and directed Baby Born with Full Beard. It was a segment of Bret McCormick's first film, Tabloid.

A few years later, the actor, Adam Roark secured half the funding of what was then a $500,000 budget to make Dracula's Granddaughter. The catch was that I would have to raise the other half and he would have to direct. I politely walked out the door of that meeting.

Between 1986 and 1988, I wrote three more screenplays: Personal Problems, Hitmen From Outer Space, and Mr. Big Bucks. Those projects were dead on arrival.

In January of 1989, I set out on a two-year adventure of living in Los Angeles and working in the biz. Three weeks after I arrived, I began doing art-department jobs on music videos. Soon after, I shot stills on a film called Fatal Skies. The producers of that motion picture, took Rescue Girls into development. Meetings with three different investment groups, led to multiple tight-deadline rewrites of the script. I was also working long hours on the John Schlesinger film Pacific Heights at the time so it was a wearing experience. Rescue Girls fizzled. I was immediately inspired to write the screenplay for what would be my second film, Among the Dead.