I've lived my life with one foot on the other side. I grew up in a house that was a hot bed of paranormal activity. It's possible that spending my formative years in that environment was the cause of my heightened awareness of the spirit realm. Children are always more accepting of experiences brought forth from the overlap of the physical and etheric  planes. This is because they've been incarnate for such a brief time. As we become more rooted in this earthly existence, we are trained to focus on the five senses that contribute to our perception of the corporeal world around us. In any case, throughout my youth and into adulthood, I was immersed in the cloudy soup of the preternatural.

Ghost Guru, Glen Coburn captures ghostly images on his Polaroid Land Camera.jpg

Investigating Haunted Locales

No self-respecting paranormal enthusiast can be all talk and no action. Ghost Hunting is a fun way to get out and explore places known for paranormal activity. 

Ghost Guru, Glen Coburn investigates a paranormal explosion of activity in Sweden.