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Haunted Terlingua

Terlingua, Texas, located 8 miles west of  Big Bend National Park  is considered a ghost town because it’s been long abandoned. But this remote desert outpost can be considered a ghost town for another reason. It has a history of weird sightings. 

Terlingua Texas isn't considered a ghost town just because it's abandoned. It's really haunted! Ghost Guru Glen Coburn pays a visit.

A young couple, Joanie and her boyfriend, Justin were celebrating their three month anniversary. They spent the day exploring the area and having a couple of beers and burgers at the High Sierra Bar & Grill. That night things got creepy. Joanie woke up and saw a wispy figure of woman in a dirty white gown. She was scared speechless. Justin awoke to the sound of a glass being thrown and breaking in the kitchen . He hurried downstairs to find Joanie frozen in fear. They packed right away, left Terlingua and stayed at a hotel in Presidio

Ghost Guru, Glen Coburn wears many hats. In this story, he heads to Terlingua, a haunted desert town.

Paranormal Enthusiest Glen Coburn on one his early ghost adventures

Haunted Enloe, Texas

ENLOE, TEXAS. Enloe is way out in the lonely countryside of North East Texas. The nearest town, Commerce, is twenty-one miles away. It’s the home of my alma mater, East State University (Now Texas A&M University, Commerce). In 1897, the settlement began to develop around the Texas-Midland Railroad. Residents had access to a telephone exchange. Businesses included two banks, a telegraph office, a restaurant, two general stores, an apothecary, a seed store, and a bakery. Cotton shipping was the major industry, and the community supported seven cotton buyers and two gins. In 1929 the town had 450 residents. 

Glen Coburn directs Bloodsuckers From Outer Space. Enloe, Texas is a zombie town.

In 1984 Enloe had three businesses, two churches, and a factory. That year, I wrote and directed Bloodsuckers From Outer Space. In this tongue-in-cheek science-fiction thriller, an alien contaminant turns ordinary Texans into bloodthirsty brutes. One of the primary locations was "The Bloodsucker Town." The deserted, ghost town was the perfect backdrop for bloodsucker mayhem. We bused our zombie extras from Dallas. The owner of the Enloe State Bank let us use the lobby as our make-up department where all that hokey zombie make-up was applied.

Filmmaker, Glen Coburn and real movie stars shine in Enloe, Texas. It's Back To Bloodsucker Town!

In 2017, I returned  with lead actor, Thom Meyers, Cinematographer, Chad Smith and our camera man. We shot a special feature segment for the Blu Ray release of the movie called Return to Bloodsucker Town.

Glen Coburn takes a trip with a documentary crew from Toulouse, France . They're desination is a creepy Texas ghost town.

In 2018, Enloe was deader than ever when I took a French video crew to the town. Producer,  Achud Malaxe and his cameraman were in the U.S. from Toulouse, France shooting a documentary featuring drive-in movie theaters. They were familiar with the Bloodsucker movie. I took the  town .so they could shoot some scenes around the deserted downtown. 

Ghost Guru, Glen Coburn and a documentary film crew from Toulouse, France are attacked by supernatural killer bees in creepy Texas ghost town.

In a bizarre twist, we were surrounded by a swarm of bees. The two Frenchmen were stung several time and I was stung once on the top of my head. We couldn't escape. They continued to swarm us as we hurried around the town. Finally, we made it back to car, which was parked next to derelict cotton gin behind the downtown buildings. Miraculously, we got inside the vehicle without the bees joining us. We got out of Dodge but we took the bee stings with us!