Hollywood Deadbeat

Awaiting acceptance from the Berlin International Film Festival, Filmmaker Glen Coburn summons the Ghosts of Old Hollywood. He draws from one of his favorite movies, Insidious. Paranormal activity, is reported by the cast and crew at every location. A dream come true for, ghost hunters. Actress, Francis, Amy Adams, brought a Ouija board to the set and contacted a spirit who claimed to be, Marylin Monroe, The crew said that it was a bunch of bunk.
Set in the late 1980's, Hollywood Deadbeat follows the path of the ultimate loser whose desire to become a movie-maker may far outweigh his actual talent. As he reluctantly realizes that success is not just around the corner, he hits the bottle harder and harder and swiftly loses track of reality. Even as his wave of self-destruction reigns down on all who cross his path, those closest to him try desperately to help pull him back from the brink of disaster. Can he dry out long enough to get a grip and see that there's more to life than his unrealistic dreams? Or will the lure of fame and glamor in his Hollywood fantasy-land draw him deeper and deeper to the point of no return?

Partying With Ghosts

The ghosts of Old Hollywood such as, Clark Gable, and, Bette Davis, come to life in Glen Coburn's horror art film Hollywood Deadbeat. The cast and crew report paranormal activity. Producer Kay Bay can’t get enough of her favorite show, Paranormal Caught on Camera, She experienced it in real life in her movie, The sets and locations offer, ghost adventures, to anyone who's not too frightened. This one is bound for Netflix and HBO.
Alex McCraken, Jenni Tooley, Kay Bay and Craig Dupree

Undies on Hollywood Blvd

Craig Dupree gets gets kick out of pertending to be an underwear model on Hollywood Blvd. Diretor, Glen Coburn likes having a, Marlon Brando, style method actor in the lead role of Hollywood Deadbeat. Sunday's location shoot offers a break from the, paranormal activity, in the main location which reminds the crew of the, Amityville Horror, mock-up where most of the movie is shot. The director repeatedly told Dupree to keep his penis in his, Fruit of the Looms,
Craig Dupree

On Location

On location at the haunted apartment building. The intrepid, ghost hunters, in the crew enjoy a little, paranormal activity. Sinister is the one word that comes to mind among the cast and crew. This spooky movie is perfect for Netflix. Fingers crossed.
Glen Coburn, Russell Blair, George Toomer, Craig Dupree and Michael Off 

Ghosts Strike a Pose

Glen Coburn and Kay Bay play ghosts of old Hollywood such as, Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, Bette Davis, and, Jean Harlow, on the haunted film, Hollywood Deadbeat. Not a cursed film like the Exorcist, still paranormal activity, is reported by the cast and crew at every location, The Blair Witch Project, has a reputation for being cursed, Glen Coburn downplays any connection to his film. This movie is a, ghost hunters, dream come true. The super low-budget indy film may never make it to Cannes, Milan, Berlin, Toronto, SXSW or Sundance but it was a fun ride anyway.
Glen Coburn and Kay Bay

Shooting the Dead

Cinematorapher, Russell Blair shoots on location at, Hollywood Forever, cemetery. Glen Coburn's film, Hollywood Deadbeat features ghosts of old Hollywood like Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power, Spencer Tracy, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, and Jean Harlow,  Russell  ain't afraid of no ghosts! Sundance, Cannes, Toronto, Berlin, and SXSW here we come.
Russell Blair and Tyrone Power

Randy Gets Generous

Glen Coburn's film, Hollywood Deadbeat is a tragicomedy sort of  like, Dr. Strangelove, or, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The main character suffers a terrible fate as did, Nicholas Cage, It's also a horror movie because it’s haunted like the Conjuring. Randy is possessed by the ghosts of Old Hollywood. Paranormal activity is present throughout the movie. It was also a part of the production itself. Disturbing, scary, eerie. It was not a, ghost adventure. It was a nightmare for the cast and crew. Ghost Hunters, would've had a field day on the set of this film.
Craig Dupree and Mark Fickert

Tea and Sympathy

diana curtis.jpg
Louanne Stephens and Richard Murphy

The Crane

Cinematographer Russell Blair was excited to do a crane shot for, Glen Coburn’s, film, Hollywood Deadbeat. Fascinated by the work of, Guillermo del Toro, he made the most of only crane shot. Blair watched the sweeping crane shot in, Gone with the Wind, repeatedly but considering the he only had to crane up one time, he went a little, Cuckoo's Nest, nutty.
Michael Off and Russell Blair

I'll Make You Famous

The main characters of Glen Coburn's film, Hollywood Deadbeat are tortured by ghosts and mental illness. Long time alcoholic, Randy Coppola stays up all night watching movies on, Amazon Prime, He is hooked on 1970’s exploitation films especially cannibal, biker and Blacksploitation films. His idea of a perfect evening is watching Blacula, downing, Jack Daniels, and scarfing down, Twinkies, and Doritos,
Louanne Stephens and Craig Dupree

On Location in Broad Daylight

kay on location.jpg
Kay Bay, Greg Russell, Kathy and Craig Dupree

Rub a Dub Dub

Tenants in the building where Glen Coburn shot his film, claimed that a former resident was murdered in this bathtub. Sounds like the movie, Psycho. One man claimed the killer was possessed by the devil. That was probably a rumor but the actor who played the role of Jack Nicholson, was actually murdered shortly after wrap. Exorcism should have been tried. The cast and crew were ill and fatigued. A screening at the, Berlin International Film Festival, was cancelled because of unexpected damage to the print. Ghosts. Paranormal activity. Night terror. Bipolar Disorder. It's all on film.
Craig Dupree

Hit Me Again, Bitch

This fight scene went wrong. It wasn’t like Rocky but the lead actor's nose was broken. Glen Coburn's horror film, Hollywood Deadbeat was plagued by, paranormal activity, Crew members referred to the set as Amityville. No blood and guts in this film but a sense of dread pervades. The lead actor commited suicide before the film was screened at Montreal Film Festival. Ghost Hunters would've been terrified to stay in the haunted apartment building.
Peter Lovett, and Craig Dupree

I'll Have an Everclear and Tonic

On Glen Coburn's haunted horror film, one location was burned to the ground by the cinematographer's cigarette. Tragedy and Paranormal Activity plagued this production. One production assistant was murdered just after the wrap. Claims of ghostly entities, evil spirits and demons were rampant. The film was barely completed. A screening at the Cannes Film Festival was cancelled at the last minute. Bad joo joo.
Russell Blair

Whoops. I Forgot the Fuchsia

curtis randy.jpg
Richard Murphy


While composing a shot, Director Glen Coburn fell off a new step ladder from, Home Depot,  and busted his knee. The assistant cameraman claims he saw an unfriendly Casper shoving Coburn just before he tumbled. Paranormal activity, was heavy. The lead actress claimed it was demonic possession but she was drunk at the time. A psychic medium visited the set and was pushed down a flight of stairs by an unseen demonic entity. The cinematographer who inspired by, Citizen Kane, suggested an exorcism. Instead, the production was shut down. The film was eventually completed and considered for screening at the Cannes Film Festival..
Glen Coburn

I Told You I Wanted Menthols

Portraying ghosts from Old Hollywood, Producers, Glen Coburn, and, Kay Bay, bit off more Twizzlers than they could chew. Reminiscent of, The Conjuring, the two X-Files fans were plagued by the presence of frightening paranormal entities. Kay Bay believes they were there to help her get into character. Their horror film, Among the Dead was hot bed of, paranormal activity, Most of the haunting was harmless. A psychic medium suggested an exorcism but Glen Coburn refused. The film is haunted. Plagued by evil spirits and poltergeists. The lead actor commited suicide before the movie was supposted to be screened at the Berlin Internation Film Festival. The screening never happened so he didn't miss anything. Ghosts and ghouls aren't always in front of the camera.
Glen Coburn and Kay Bay

We're Making an Actual Movie

Lead actor, Craig Dupree joins the crew on a youtube shoot in the haunted Pantages movie theater. The owner, John Goodman, Jones told tales of Satan worship and, demonic possession, Filmmaker Glen Coburn insisted that Jones was overselling the place, paranormal activity, was rampant on the shoot. According to the director of photography, true blood, dripped from the projector. An, LA Weekly,  reporter visited the set to write a story and she suffered second degree burns on her left leg. She was seated in a theater seat on the tenth row and there was no fire or heat source nearby. Two tungsten lights exploded later than night. Ghost hunters, would've had a field day on that shoot. Glen Coburn submitted festival entry forms the haunted film was rejected by, The Toronto Film Festival, SWSW, and, Sundance.
Craig Dupree


In Glen Coburn's film, Hollywood Deadbeat, Alonza Garza plays a, Keanu Reeves, type stoner dude Perk. Randy's next door neighbor puffs on Marijuana constantly, all while eating Doritos. When Randy is super haunted by ghosts or demons, he runs into Perk Pacino in an, American Horror Story, style corridor. Drug addict Perk offers Randy cheap beer and our hero takes him up on it. Paranormal Activity ensues as Perk tells Randy tales of Satan Worship, murder, suicide, exorcism, alien abduction, and UFO sightings. Randy already has enough problems with alcoholism and flare up with Bipolar Disorder. Things are about to get much worse for Randy Calhern.
Alonso Garza

Part-Time Underwear Model

Lead actor Craig Dupree shows off his penis but he’s not starring in, Deep Throat, He’s in Glen Coburn's horror film, Among the Dead. Craig's, private parts, are concealed inside his, Fruit of the Looms, but it seems that free-balling is his style. This crazy nudist colony activity goes unnoticed on Hollywood Blvd where anything goes. Whether it's ghosts, demons, Satanists, or UFOs Craig has to deal with at his apartment, a naked stroll on the, Hollywood Walk of Fame, is a picnic with Keebler elves.
Craig Dupree

Nice Jawline

Filmmaker Glen Coburn shows off his cheekbones after eating a Hershey bar in his film, Hollywood Deadbeat. Playing a ghost is the easiest thing for him to do because he often considers himself an actual ghost and he believes he is the reincarnation of, Errol Flynn,. The film is set in an, Amityville Horror, kind of house but this creepy scene was shot in a movie studio. He doesn't consider Hollywood Deadbeat a horror film but, paranormal activity, in the main location was rampant. Crew members laugh at the exertion of the building owner that the place was once rented by a Satanic cult. Bringing in an exorcist or, ghost hunter, was a joke the cast and crew got a kick out of. Cinematographer Russell Blair wasn't laughing because he realized that his best work would never make it to Sundance or Berlin or Cannes or SXSW. Better smoke another Marlboro, Russell. And how about a, Coca-Cola,
Glen Coburn

I Thought You Said This Was a Marlboro

The lead actors in Glen Coburn's indy horror film, Among the Dead, yucked it up between takes. It was obvious the prop master had replaced the water in the Vodka bottle with Absolut Vodka. Tales of, paranormal activity, and, demonic possession, fell aside as the wacky, alcoholic hijinks ruled the day. Better get these guys some Starbucks for lunch. Look for this movie on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and HBO.
Louanne Stephens and Craig Dupree

Welcome to the Brotherhood

Sleazy movie studio exec gives delusional aspiring director, Randy Calhern the rude run around while scarfing down a box of Twinkies.Randy falls further into the grip of alcoholism and, bipolar disorder, as this final rejection puts him over the edge. A visit to his haunted apartment by an exorcist and bogus, ghost buster, gets him really riled up. His drug-addicted muslim neighbor tries to help him out but Randy is an Islamophobe. Hungry demons take advantage and push Randy to murder and mayhem. UFO abduction would've been a blessing but it was too late for this screwed-up loser. Look for the movie on Netflix, Amazon, and HBO.
Craig Dupree and Chuck Gale

And … Action

Randy Calhern's dopehead next door neighbor is a wacky dude, which is a welcome resbite from the horror of, paranormal activity, in Randy's haunted apartment building. The Glen Coburn horror drama comedy, Hollywood Deadbeat explores the tragedy of alcoholism and, bipolar disorder, Convinced that evil demons are ganging up on him, Randy goes to great lengths to find a, psychic medium, exorcist or, ghost buster, to tackle the creepshow goings on. Unfortunately, no one takes him seriously. His faded, scream queen, upstairs neighbor scams him out of, Jack Daniels, and Marlboros but she is revealed as a charlatan. Satanism and, alien abduction, plague Randy. Is it real or just another, Travis Bickle,?
Alonzo Garza

Bored Stiff

Producer Kay Bay also serves as production designer on the film, Hollywood Deadbeat, But that's not all. She also plays a ghost from Old Tinseltown. Co-producer, Glen Coburn, also plays a ghost in the indy horror film. She says, "It's really not a, creepshow, It's the story of a bipolar alcoholic." There's a rumor that the film has a Satanic twist but there are no demons or devils in the script. Director, Glen Coburn does not dispel the, fake news, He claims that it makes for good press. "And we need it." As audiences will discover, it's actually a character-study. I don’t think they will get the idea it’s Batman. Coburn and Bay have high hopes for festival acceptance to Cannes, Milan, Berlin or SXSW.
Kay Bay

Sexy Model

Cinematographer,  Russell Blair takes his art dead seriously. Shooting Glen Coburn's horror film, Hollywood Deadbeat, is a killer undertaking. In this photo you can see him relaxing in a haunted bar, location and pretending to be a, male model, He's pretty good at it. Maybe it would be a rewarding second career! FYI that's a real cigarette not refeer. He's cagey when asked if smokes marijuana after work. "No comment." There are no devils, demons or, devil worshippers, in the film but there are plenty of cigarettes. Russell smokes Marlboro Light 100's and Glen Coburn smokes Newports. The lead actor smokes Camels and toots a little cocaine between takes. Maybe it's just a vicious rumor but he still finds it infuriating. "I don't do drugs," he says. "I hate weed, meth, opioids, MDMA, LSD, heroin and all the rest. Screw anyone who lies about that." The cast and crew are all a bunch of addicts. They’re addicted to, Oreo cookies, Ben and Jerrys, Twinkies, Snickers, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.
Russell Blair

Do-Rag Alert

Filmmaker Glen Coburn likes to have fun on the set. The cast and crew eat Snickers bars and drink Coffee and, Mountain Dew, all day long. They stay pretty happy. Everybody runs around the set all day long like they're on Adderall but it's really just caffeine. The production assistant makes a run to Starbucks every morning and afternoon. "They're addicted!" he says. Looks like Glen Coburn is swilling a little Cognac as Blair is so high on marijuana that he has to lean on a parking meter. Berlin, Cannes, Toronto and SXSW here we come!
Russell Blair
The producers are eager to get the movie on, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu or even HBO. Glen’s first movie, the cult horror, science fiction, classic, Bloodsuckers from Outer Space, is available on Ebay. Filmmaker Glen Coburn launches release of his movie, Hollywood Deadbeat, on Easter weekend. Referred to as a, Psycho-Comedy, it seems like an advertisement for, mental illness, Alcohol, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizophrenia, run rampant in the story. The main character is drunk most of time and believes he's, devil possessed, and he's been taken up by a UFO. The producers are eager to get the movie on, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu or even HBO. Glen’s first movie, the cult horror, science fiction, classic, Bloodsuckers from Outer Space, is available on Ebay.

Producers Glen Coburn & Kay Bay

Producers, Glen Coburn, and Kay Bay, donned more than one hat on the film, Hollywood Deadbeat, Glen also wrote and directed the indy, horror movie. Kay was the production designer, and they both played, ghosts of old Hollywood, A few times Kay had to make a Starbucks runs. Typically that falls into the purview of a production assistant, but the slow witted dude often showed up late because he stayed half the night  hypnotized by his, PlayStation. Nobody was getting paid so it was tough to fire him. 

Glen Coburn


Kay Bay

Production Designer