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Night Tide

Glen Coburn's Whacked Commentary is coming right up. At least, you have something to look forward to in your pitiful, stupid life.

In the the beginning, Whacked Movies was a book.

Whacked Skewed Views of Horror Movies That Simply Refuse to Die

As if that wasn't enough to stink the place up, WHACKED MOVIES became and Indy film releasing label.

Dalai reads Glen Coburn's book, Whacked Movies Skewed Views of Horror Movies that Simply Refuse to Die.

Whacked! is the definitive book of insane commentaries that focus on movies of the horror and exploitation genre of the 1970s and '80s. The satiric criticism of movies featured in this book is the meat. The movies themselves serve as a backdrop. Home Video pioneer, Glen Coburn, writer/director of Bloodsuckers From Outer Space creates a quirky cast of characters that meander through his commentaries. These characters and their presence as the author's movie viewing companions are often more significant that the movies themselves.

Glen Coburn revamps his video distribution label to include international markets including China and Ukraine.

WHACKED MOVIES is dedicated to showcasing the work of exceptional filmmakers who express their love of the medium and dedication to self-expression through their work. These trailblazers, whether first timers or seasoned pros give their all and create amazing movies on shoestring budgets. We’re aggressively focused on giving these talented storytellers a public voice and the largest possible venue to get their little gems seen by audiences who enjoy the gritty artistry of the unsung heroes of independent filmmaking. Glen Coburn, ringleader of Whacked Movies loves oddball films that deserve a cult following. His own crazy midnight movie, Bloodsuckers From Outer Space has been entertaining audiences who think outside the box for thirty years. His goal is not to amass a huge library to dump into the abyss just to pocket some change. He formed Whacked Movies to share the love with filmmakers and their audiences.


The first and most successful release, Repligator was I sign of great things to come. The things that came were not as great as expected.

Take a look at the rest of Whacked Movies out of print titles.

Glen Coburn's Whacked Movies label features films from a dumpster fire Argentina.

The Best Movie I Never Made

Bloodsuckers From Outer Space was revived in 2008 from self-induced coma. Writer-Director, Glen Coburn eyed that moment as ripe for a comeback from a filmmaking career that never was to begin with. This brings us to the fairly boring of perpetual failed starts.

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